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“I didn’t choose photography – photography chose me.”

This is how Sarah Angel Bezzecchi, born in Modena, Italy, describes a vocation which 
has always been a part of her professional life, influenced by a marked study focusing on people in relation to their environment.
First studies in architecture and two years in stage design at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. And later her passion for photography brought her to the Blake College in London, UK and overseas to Toronto, Canada. Where she specialized in photography and graphics design att the “Ryerson Polytechnic ”. 
She exhibited her reportages at the New Cavendish Street Gallery in London, with Dennis Curti at the Spazio Foto S. Fedele in Milan and the Italian Photography Foundation of Brescia In 2009, with the “Looking for eternity” project, her photos moved the public of Fotografia Europea (Reggio-Emilia) 2011. 

More than twenty years of work experience as a professional photographer, Sarah worked in the fashion business initially, for more than 5 years an important training in studio lighting. And then mainly pursuing her passion and in the more specific direction of his educational path. In the last fifteen years she has specialized in interior architecture and corporate photos.
She boasts a numbers of collaborations with outstanding customers, international companies, communication agencies, publishing firms and important newspapers. In 2012 Sarah moves to Stockholm, Sweden.

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